Hi everyone.... Today, iwant to show you how to get money from tickerbar. Making money from tickerbar GreenHorse is easy!. You will only asked to refer someone to sign up on Green Horse using referall link that green horse gave you. You wanna try?..
Check It Out......

1. Visit this link
2. Fill the first form.

 3. Click Go to Step 2's button
4. Fill the second fom with your real identity.

5. Click Activate Account's button
6. Download the *.exe file
7. After downloaded, run it.If a message "Please make sure you are connected to the internet before you start" appear, just click "ok". Then click yes.

8. Click No-Question-Asked-Installation's button.

9. Click Yes, I do

10. Look at system tray, right click at money icon, choose restore. Tickerbar will appear on the top of your desktop.

Your can get more income. you can refer 10 people to install TICKERBAR on their PC. after you get 10 people joined you, and that 10 people refer 10 more people and so on till 6 level you'll automatically get 1 million people downline,

If you can reach 6 level downline or 1.000.010 people, you'll get $100.000 per month.

This program level is :
• Level 1 10 - 10 Downline
• Level 2 100 - 10 Downline
• Level 3 1..000 - 10 Downline
• Level 4 10000 - 10 Downline
• Level 5 100.000 - 10 Downline
• Level 6 1.000.000 - 10 Downline

Total downline : 1.000.010 = $100.000 per bulanper month

You'll get paid $1 per month for 10 people downline
You'll get paid $10 per month for 100 people downline
You'll get paid $100 per month for 1000 people downline
You'll get paid $1000 per month for 10000 people downline
You'll get paid $10000 per month for 100000 people downline
You'll get paid $100000 per month for 1000000 people downline

Clue to increase your downlink:
You can sign up again using your referal link with your friend, uncle, aunt, parent, or other person information
You can use your friends or other person's email you know to sign up
Promote your referall link via social media. Have a try!

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